Monday, October 5, 2015

Vicki's facebook updates on Kent...

Kent is not doing well at all. He had two surprise visits this weekend: my cousin Dustin Stambaugh and son Vince; and today Denise Livingston Yonts who brought goodies to eat and as she said, "she never got spanked" by Kent when he was her school principal! Also, Kent's sis and niece Tammy Jenkins Bain who brought us our lunch! Dustin Doze and our grandson Brett Doze. Dustin has fixed supper last two nights. Pastor Susan Daniel-Brey also visited and sang "In The Garden" to Kent. We've had a blessed weekend.
Seeing some new changes in Kent last night and all day today as he prepares for his journey. I hope I can handle what is coming. I know all your prayers will help.
To let you know, Kent's condition has basically been unchanged for the past few days. He asks for water to drink, but hasn't had any food for over two weeks. I'm so thankful for our sons, other family members and friends, as well as Hospice. Update on my foot and ankle. Niece Tammy took me to the doctor who ordered xrays to see if any broken bones and a Sonogram to see of there were any blood clots. Finally decided that I had soft tissue sprain going on. I think I have somehow bruised my foot really badly. The swelling is gone but I can barely walk. I'm praying whatever it is that heals soon so I can take better care of Kent. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and for thinking about us.
My left foot and ankle are so swollen that it hurts to put my foot up and it hurts to put my foot down. I feel I should have no right to complain about how I feel when my husband is dying. I just need to not be in so much pain so I can take better care of him.

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