Monday, November 9, 2015

1870 Census Tazewell Co. Va.

aunt minerva collection
handwritten note on back: 1870 Censue Tazewell Co VA I think Pollie Maxwell is 87, not 81 as the census said. This is Maiden Spring District Knob Post Office This ould be in or near present Liberty.
in the middle of the page are Maxwell names.: James, Nancy, James, Sarah A, FRank, John, Pollie.
James is age 57, a farmer. can't read inscription in 2nd box, not sure what is for anyway.
Nancy is age 48, keeping house.
James, age 24 (or 14?), farmer
Sarah A 22 (or 12?)
Frank, 7 (?9)
John, 6
Pollie age 87
so, this is a man and wife and their kids and a mother or mother-in-law. or a husband and wife, their son, daughter in law, grandchildren, and mother or mother-in-law. the age gap is pretty big between James and Sarah and Frank and John. But that would've made Sarah 15 at Frank's birth if she was his mother. of course, I have a 13 year gap between my oldest and youngest. they could've lost several children that were in between. was this census taken early in the year or late? so many questions. so many questions...
inscribed on bottom in red ink: "Pat Surface, Tazewell Co, VA. 14, Jan 1992. 1870 Census."

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