Wednesday, November 18, 2015

my cousin posted this on facebook. this makes me sad.

I am thankful to have a relationship with my grown kids, because I could just as easily not have one. I'm not perfect.. their childhoods weren't perfect. hope this situation works out.
"Will not be having any holiday's this year. To my children just so they know. It's awful that they don't want to talk to their mother. I carried you for 8 months and pushed you out. I was the one that was always there for you guys as you grew up. I helped with homework, helped when you needed it. I did everything for you before myself. Kenton I was the one that was there when you wrecked two cars because you was afraid to call your dad. I did home day care for 13 years to be able to be with you guys. I let so much of my own life for you guys. You guys was and still my whole world. Remember that I was the one who always took you to school and picked you up every day. You two need to look back at all I've done for you. I was the one who made sure you guys had everything you wanted. Just think about what your mother has done for you."

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