Saturday, November 21, 2015

we've been checking in on Marie while Lije is in Tennessee....

today she told us Kim & Jessica get their kinky curly hair, and the redheaded twin gets her red hair from Mae Dailey, Howard Dailey's mother. Marie's parents were terrified of tornados, many nights they'd drag a feather mattress to the cave and put all the kids on it, and her dad always had an ax so they could cut their way out. they were all in the car once racing to a grandparents house with a cave, the tornado overtook them, they got out of car and went to ditch, with the tornado swirling all around them. Uncle George's house was picked up and moved across the road, but wasn't damaged, they moved it back and put it on the foundation. Howard Dailey ran around with one of the founders of HyVee when he was in Lineville starting up a store. Kim is a very smart woman (I've noticed this is Marie's ultimate compliment, "a smart woman".) who you want looking out for you. and Jessica works at Harvard, and has a PhD, so she is also a smart woman.

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