Friday, November 6, 2015

written on the back of a Sandak Inc. order form......

the aunt minerva collection.
this is a triplicate form, and she wrote on the back of every page. waste not, want not.
Virginia Marriages Vo. 16-21 1700-1799
Maxwell, "John & Frances Brfent, 16 Feb 1775 Lancaster Co. Marriage Bond
Maxwell, Thomas & Dulley Henry, 1792 Orange Co.
Virginia Marriages 1700-1799 Vol 1-5
Maxwell, John & Kitty Kety Squair (?), 12, April 1792 Albemarle, Co. Marriage Bondok. wow. 12? that makes you wonder how old he was and just why they were getting married....what kind of life did this girl have? was he kind to her? I can't imagine. I just can't imagine.
Maxwell, James & Jane Gentry, 14 Feb. 1793 Albemare Co. Marriage Bond
Virginia Marriages Vol 10-15 1700-1799(and off to the side it says Harrison Co. Marriage Records Book A. page 273) Cresswell, James & Mary Garlington June 9 1763 Lancaster Co. Marriage Bond
Maxwell James & Susannah Ingram 7 April 1796 Princess Anne Co. Marriage
Maxwell, william & Elizabeth Vansandt 1792 Botetourt Co.
Maxwell, John & Agatha Henry, 1792 Orange Co.
Maxwell, Thomas & Kezia Blake 2 May 1738 Middlesex Co.
Virginia Marriages Vol 1-6 1800-1825
Creswell, Abraham and Mary Chenowith 20 April 1807 Frederick Co. Minister Returns.
Virginia Marriages Vol 7-12 1800-1825
Maxwell John & Parltenia (?) Cartnell (?) June 1807 Fredericks Co. Minister Return
MAxwell, John & Olivia Ann Mitchell (?)(far be it for me to bitch about handwriting because mine is awful....and I try to remedy this by typing everything....but when I make a typo, who knows what I meant? with handwriting, you can try to decipher to the best of your ability.... May 8 1809* Westmoreland Co. Marriage Bond
Chriswell James & Judith Conway, 11 July 1787 Lancaster Co. Marriage Bond
*NOTE: PENDLETON's HISTORY p. 432: relates if Thomas Maxwell left any descendents, there if no record or traditional evidence by which this author can locate them.
p. 433 Margaret, daughter of Robert & Mary Maxwell married David Whitely.
James Maxwell, son of Robert the Pioneer, (this in paranthesis under his name, assume this is for Robert "died 1873, 93 years of age.") married Mary Witten, daughter of Jeremiah Witten, son of Thomas Witten, the Pioneer.
Robert married Margaret Bates died 1904 97 years of age.
Robert was father of James Maxwell, who is now living north of Maxwell, six miles west of the town of Tazewell. A stone house buildt by Burdine Deskins.
p. 68 Cresswell, William & Ann Allen 18 June 1677 Richmond Co, Va.
James Maxwell-Harriett Harrison March 1 1880 page 452
James Maxwell-Minerva Criswell Aug. 2 1868 page 144
John Y. Criswell 929-709 Har. page 6 C- P#44- Sec 10- 35N-36N
1850 Tazewell Roll 979 N/A LDS Rol #444-969
1860 Tazewell Roll 1397-0805-397
1870-Tazewell Roll 1680-553-179

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