Monday, December 21, 2015

1860 Tazewell Co. Census. #1255

aunt minerva collection. this is in her writing.
Witten Maxwell. 55. farmer. born in VA.
Alice Maxwell. 54.
Mary J. Maxwell. 25. according to Creswell records she would have been 28 (close.)
41 years old, her name was still Maxwell.
Witten Maxwell was born 1805 or 1804.
1860 & 1880 census dates figure out right.
Alice had to die between 1860-1878. wonder why Witten was making a deed to his daughter in 1873.
Wonder if Mary Jane Maxwell daughter of Witten Maxwell ever married-evidently not-Francis Maxwell 1880-lists Jane as sister 50. I suspect Witten Maxwell's reall name was William Witten Maxwell. (Harman's Annals.)
Witten Maxwell killed by railroad train-Pisgah-near Tazwel-89th year.
Mary Fields-Annals of Tazewell says Witten Maxwell born in 1805 married Alice Creswell had 5 children. James C.-Susan-Henry Evans-Mary G. could by J.- and Frances M.
Mary F. says James died 1866. Mary died 1873.
Pat Surface 1-703-988-3581
#1. Review Cora Bertrams D.A.R. papers- I'm sure the James mentioned there and in the James will is the same James that married Mary Witten-Also di you notice on the back of one of the typed sheets she mentions that James and Jane are buried outside the fence of the Crockett place-headstone destroyed.
#2. According to Creswell bible records Alice Creswell was born Tuesday-19 Nov. 1805-and that Alice Creswell married Witten Maxwell 4 March 1827. Children born to Alice Creswell and Witten Maxwell are:
#1. Susy C. Maxwell 12 May 1828
#2. James C. Maxwell 17 Dec. 1829
#3. Mary Jane Maxwell 26 Dec 1832
#4 Henry Maxwell 4 June 1835
#5 Frank no record. some places indicate his name may be Evans Frank.
no death dates mentioned on James C. Maxwell.
Deed book 15-Page 245-(29 Sept. 1873) $200.00 -Black Mare- 4 head cows & - would have been his daughter.

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