Monday, December 21, 2015

This was in Grandpa Tom's book in Grandma Gilley's handwriting.

transcribed by my mom Janet Axsom.
aunt minerva collection.
This 14th day of March 1960- One year since Pop passed away- has been a real snowy Lonesome day and I'm all alone. Minerva was the only one of the children that has called (this 9 oclock) nine oclock and my usual bedtime. Some way am not sleepy.
Just thinking of what the year has been Like, that I wished to think about and the decisions I wished to make. By that time I have decided to deed the property to LeLand and Minerva and shall not let them know only thru this if they should happen to see it. Should any one of the children wishes to own it, they will have to fix the value according and if it is sold to a stranger, I wish enough to be taken to put a good fence on the Cat Creek Cemetery on the park that is on the "Creswell-Maxwell" part of the farm from Dunkin to Maple Land at least.
That is why I have chosen these two-would have put John & LeLand had John been closer. I find these two can think of all concerned with the least hard feeling or hurting words.
Each child has had their share in helping with the home-Jim with Grandpa and helping Evie buy chairs, LeLand with fence and taxes, John everyway even to the allotment. Grace with taxes and a home to take them to in sickness.

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