Monday, February 1, 2016

these shoes were given to Grandma Deb by her grandparents, Grace & Vermal Brown, for her first Christmas. Koren Wills & Katie Dailey both wore them. and now they go to the soon to arrive Miss Coralie!

(grandma deb being yours truly, and Coralie my oldest daughters soon-to-be-born baby.) I did a Grandma Pauline Axsom and made her a huge box of stuff. Grandma would send us kids birthday and xmas boxes, fruit from trees from their yard in California, candy, trinkets and treasures she'd found at garage sales and thrift stores.... I found Koren's christening gown made by her Great Grandma Marie Dailey Hass, these baby shoes, her Little House books, most of her American Girl books, ordered a huge head bow from Etsy, made a tiny pig from an old nightgown. I also sent off Koren's Samantha Doll to the Doll Hospital but she hasn't come back yet. found some of her doll clothes and washed, too.

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