Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 2 was my parents anniversary, and also my niece Rachelle's birthday.

I think I have childhood memories, but sometimes I suspect they've been colored by books I've read and movies I've watched...but I am pretty sure I remember a wedding anniversary where he had to go the farm store for haying supplies and brought her a hayhook and a pair of black velveteen slippers with rhinestone buckles as a gift. I think I remember us kids having picnics and 'celebrations' with entertainment for them...complete with aluminum foil crowns and homemade streamers in trees. I am actually pretty sure there is a blurry 126 photo of one of these days somewhere I have seen....can you imagine being full time dairy farmers, so milking twice a day, plus haying and fixing fence and raising a huge garden and feeding livestock and then putting on a happy face when your kids throw you a party at the end of a real long hot trying day? they were always good sports.

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