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Frank Maxwell

unknown newspaper clipping hand dated Oct 1 1952 in Grandma Grace's book

Frank Maxwell, 49, Dies from Crash Near Gilman City
Springer Chapel Rites Will Be Today-Lonnie Ward, 51, Seriously Hurt-Car Misses Corner and Rolls

One man was killed outright, and another one was seriously injured, at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon in an automobile accident at the route No. 146 sharp turn about 1 1/2 miles north of Gilman City.
Dead, is Frank Maxwell, 49, who owned farms near Gilman City and who owned a roofing or similar business in Kansas City, where he resided most of the time in the home of an aunt. Maxwell also was about Bethany frequently.
Lonnie Ward, 51, Gilman City painter, suffered a broken pelvis, fractured ribs, and possible internal injuries. He is a patient at the Reid hospital.
Car Goes 65 Yards
The two men were in a 1952 DeSoto coach, and were driving from Bethany to Gilman City. Ward told the state highway patrol that Maxwell was at the wheel.
The car sped straight past the corner without change of direction. It shot into an old road and stopped an estimated 65 yards from where it left the highway. Apparently it turned over several times. Both men were thrown clear. The automobile was demolished. There were no witnesses, according to the state highway patrol investigation made by Trooper Earl Gillilland of Bethany.
A person unidentified to the patrol came into Gilman City and reported to Doyle E. Williamson, mortuary owner there, that there had been "an awful wreck up on the corner." Williamson went there with an ambulance. Dr. Douglas Underwood of Gilman City said that Mr. Maxwell had died instantly.
Had No Children
Funeral services for Mr. Maxwell will be at 2:00 o'clock this Wednesday at Springer Chapel, between Mt. Moriah and Gilman City. The Rev. C.O. Wilson of Kansas City will officiate. Burial will be at the chapel cemetery.
Mr. Maxwell had been married, but had no children. He had sveral uncles and aunts.
Ward was given first aid treatment at the Dr. Underwood office before being brought to the local hospital in the Williamson ambulance.
There had been several other accidents at the same highway corner.

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