Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jennie's Scrapbook

when Jennie Brown Neill went into the nursing home,my grandparents "took care of everything." Grandma kept all the old family pictures, etc. Jennie was the last of her family, her parents, brothers, & husband had all died. Jennie's parents took my Grandpa Vermal in & raised him after his parents divorced when he was five years old.
Jennie has left us now. And while cleaning out Grandma's house, everything had to go. No one seemed to want the treasure trove of pictures Grandma was keeping for Jennie. So, mom gave them to me. I took an old (still brand new) scrapbook from Grandma's sale, used some of the scrapbook stuff Lisa gave me, & put together a book.
There are pictures of Frank, Mae, Albert, Jennie, & Bill Brown, Vermal Brown, his sister Edith Brown Chambers & her husband Ode, of his twin sister VermaDean & her husband Harold McCullough (I sure hope I have this right, I am doing it from memory & the old gray headed mare ain't what she used to be!), Cecil & Bill Lewis, who are Edith's sons? Janet Brown Axsom as a young girl, Charlene Brown Smith as a baby, my great grandparents Lewis Brown & Maggie Mae Smith Brown Smith Webber, her last husband Isaac Webber, her youngest daughter Wyvonne Smith, Esta who married Bill Brown, grandpa's baby brother Orval Brown who his mom had to give to another family to raise & they moved out of the area...
the ones I don't know: "Aunt Estel ...Estel Markhum...Louise...Lucille Harrison...Acaleene Welsh...Ella Woodall...Mary Bull...Margret Ashbrook...Margie Titsworth...Margaret Johnson...Alice's daughter Donna....
I have been told that not only did Frank & Mae Brown help raise my grandpa Vermal, they also raised his mom Maggie for a time, she was apparently an orphan. Grandpa's father was much older than her, he became her guardian, they married while she was very young & she had 5 children in a short amount of time. Again, I'm trusting this to my memory. Reader Beware.

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