Monday, July 23, 2007

visiting grandma

left work early for dentist appt, then made my first visit to Sunnyview Nursing Home to see Grandma. I knew she was at Station 3, Room 306, but couldn't figure out what door to go in, I blundered around & asked for directions several times, finally found her room, but no Grandma. A nice nurse told me she was in the beauty shop & took me there. Grandma was getting a perm. She recognized me & asked about the kids. She is having a lot of trouble hearing, but we kind of had a conversation. She is shaky but walking with walker. It must've been a good day. And it was nice to see her. I have put it off because I guess I was scared about what condition she'd be in. She seems fine. The nursing home is clean & shiny & odor free. It seems like a good place. I know she'd rather be home....

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