Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The 2007 Axsom book by Larry Axsom & Norma Zanetti

the new Axsom book
Aunt Mary Johnson has found errors in the 2007 Axsom book. Larry Axsom, who wrote the book responded to her letter with one of his own:
Tuesday July 24 2007
thank you for identifying the typos:
1. Sharer instead of Shafer-page 363 lines 12 and 13
2. Mary instead of Marv-page 393 line 1
3. Mithelle Nocelo instead of Michelle Nicole-page 393 line 45 (or 6 lines from the bottom.)
4. Moderna instead of Modena-page 138
Thanks also for the updates:
1. Roger Dale's divorce-probable date 1972
2. Donald George Cyr-I am aware of the fact that there was a name change. The geneaology database system that I use does not provide the capability to handle that unusual situation automatically. The fact of the name change shows up in the notes within the database. These notes could not be included in the book because the size of the book would have tripled if all the notes were printed.
4. Vincent & Wayne Hughes passing was not noted. This is a VERY general problem! There are many, many names listed in the book with no death date. There is no requirement on anyone to report birth and death dates to Norma or myself. Nearly all the birth and death information that appears in the book got there because Norma or I researched, via the world wide web or telephone calls or email or US mail to find it. I wish that every Axsom descendant had notified us of every birth or death in the family tree.
5. Roger Dale Axsom-birth hospital-page 363 line 6. I will update the biographical sketch for Alfred Elmer Axsom.
6. Bernard Charles Axso's bio:
a. "they are still working." I used the language that I received from Deb.
b. "the two daughters worked their way through college."-perhaps that word "the" should have been omitted. Deb wrote it that in her material for the bio.
7. your Grandpa's bushy eyebrows. Neither Deb or Pauline saw fit to mention that fact.

deb just wants to say: a lot of work went into this book. I appreciate it very much! I tried to do an update of the Brown History for my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents...I proudly typed it all up, made copies, put it together, & handed it out at a family dinner. I should've just handed out red pens for the proofreaders in the audience! It was a very humbling experience. And I probably won't take another update to a family function! (not one that I've written, anyway!)

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