Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mrs. Minnie A. Blood

undated unknown newspaper clipping from Grandma Grace's book
(typo in bold print)
Mrs. Minnie A. Blood, aged 39 years, of Wichita, a sister of Rev. J.H. Higdon,
died in a Wichita hospital Sunday morning, Dec. 7. Mrs. Blood had visited in Potwin many times and her cheerfulness and pleasing pesonality won her many close friends who mourn her passing. She had lived in Wichita the past 21 years. Mrs. Blood leaves her husband, Lawrence; her mother, Mrs. J.H. McMican; three brothers, Joe Higdon of Winona Mo, J.H. Higdon of Potwin, Hobart Higdon of Avant Okla, four sister, Mrs. Nannie Stanley, and Mrs. Grace Cooper of Winona, Mo., Mrs. Gillie Maxwell of Melburn, Mo., and Mrs. Emma Orton, Potwin. Funeral service was held at the Lahey & Martin Funeral Home, Wednesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. C.V. Pearce, pastor of the (Baptist is marked out, can't read what is printed above---maybe Christian?) Burial was in Highland (this word is marked out) Park cemetery of Wichita.

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