Sunday, October 14, 2007

and life goes on...

Mom told me Friday that Grandma Grace's house in Trenton had sold.
Grandma had watched her neighbors leaving...death, moving in with family, or to the nursing home. She had lost her husband. She was having health problems.
We hadn't had a Brown Family gathering there in years since the family has gotten so big, but it will always be Grandma's House to me. I remember fireworks & snowball fights in the yard, leaping off the front porch over the sidewalk, collecting rubberbands from under the little pine trees, the summer garage sales, playing Barbies in the front bedroom, the cousins walking to Moberly Park or The Plaza movie theater after family dinners. Spirited games of Yahtzee, Pictionary, & Crap On Your Neighbor. Eating at the kids table in the kitchen. Grandpa taking Polaroid pictures. Grandma had silky pjs & toothbrushes for us when we spent the night. She made us peanut butter toast & we listened to KTTN on the radio in the kitchen...
I started this blog to get all my information in a public place where if anyone wanted it, they could find it. It seemed simple enough, just some massive typing sessions. But as I type I read, & as I read, I remember. It's a long process. I'm about halfway through Grandma's book, which is really just a starting point. I've collected a lot of stuff over the years.

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