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Ruth H Carter

from Grandma Grace's book
she has written an attached note "This is on my fathers side of the house.
Griffy Creswell was dad's uncle
Henry Creswell was Griffy's boy
Ruth Carter is Henry's girl
This is in the Creswell familiy history."
(typewritten letter with photograph of Ruth)
Dear Voters:
I am writing this letter to explain why I am a candidate for the city council.
Since 1963 I have worked in Canon City and have lived in the city since 1965. It is more than my residence; it has become my home. I have great concern for the city. While working in Welfare (Department of Social Services) and Probation, I have learned much about the city. Now that I am retired, I want to return that knowledge to the city.
To the position on the city council, I bring experience, knowledge and maturity. I approach problems with common sense, and if elected will serve with commitment. During the years when employed as Chief Probation Officer I was responsible for budgets, personnel matters and worked closely with all phases of government.
I was pleased that people willingly signed my petition and gave my effort encouragement. Some of these people also offered financial support, but I declined to accept, I want to work for Canon City, but I prefer to spend my own funds. I have no hidden agenda; I believe my long involvement with persons in Canon City, my own past experiences and maturity will be valuable to the city I love.
If I am elected, I will be available to all residents and will listen and learn, before I make decisions. Whatever I lack in specific knowledge, I will learn.
I offer maturity, experience, commitment and common sense.
Ruth H. Carter

(Handwritten letter)
Christmas 1995
Dear Ones,
1995 changed my life forever.
In August my lovely daughter was in a traffic accident and is now a quadriplegic. Thank God she can talk and breathe and her mind is sharp. She continues to live fully in the family and community. Her courage is wonderful.
In November I had to have my Holly (dog) put to sleep-how I miss my constant companion.
Also in Novemeber I was elected as the first woman mayor of Canon City! So I'm busy.
My family and I thank our friends and many we do not know for their prayers and support.
God has been good to us.
As ever,
(note from Grandma Grace: "Ruth Carter my 2nd cousin lives at Cannon City Colo."

(handwritten letter)
Christmas 1996
Dear Ones-I'm late, late!
My dear lovely daughter is still a quadriplegic, but her spirit and wit continues. We all admire her, I most of all.
My third granddaughter, Debbie and her husband gave me my third great grandchild. While she was a surprise-she is almost perfect and such a nice baby. As a family we are doing well-everyone works, even me and enjoy each other and living-
As mayor, I have much to do so far it has been a great-also sometimes there are duties that one doesnt' want . The end of September was my 80th birthday-and almost everyone was here to my complete joy. My sister retired-and in January I added to my household! A pure white, long haired , BIG kitty named Sam. Ebony, pure black long hair still is mischievous and adorable. She took a pair of glasses and kept them for nearly three weeks. That's ok-I only use them to read-so have 5 pairs around the house. Those two are my constant companions and now that it's below 0 they love the electric blanket.
Seriously, being mayor is a real job and certainly takes up most of my time. But it has perks-the city adopted a Fort Carson group and we have seen muich of the army. In fact this fall was invited for a trip down range (Pinion Canyon)and flew there in a Black hawk helicopter and watched actual working war games. General Pickler was very nice to me and sent me in his vehicle up the hill to the helicopter. The absolute highlight of this year was being invited to the Broadmoor West for a party for 1000-black tie optional-wonderful food and for the ultimate a speech by Colin Powell. I was able to shake his hand-he was great!!! See, I still "run my mouth" but I loved your card and letter and wish for you all "good things". Love, Ruth

handwritten letter Christmas 1997
My dear ones,
After six years on city council-my term is almost over. I did enjoy it, especially the two years as Canon City's only woman mayor. 97%joy-37% frustration!
Attended my 63rd high school reunion and loved it.
I really had my 15 minutes of fame, I and two others were interviewed by the New York Times. I was thrilled and heard from many places about being in a prison community. (We have 13 in our county.) One quote about me "lives in a cottage, surrounded by cats, cactus adn cut glass." My two kitties were fasciated by the photographer. One company talked about an HBO documentary but I suspect that was not valid. I still am to be interviewed by Colorado Public Radio and Australian Broadcasting Company.
Outside my "gimpy" leg, life is good. My family is splendid and we are blessed by God.
Peace to all,
Ruth Carter

Christmas 1998
Dear Ones,
This past year was a "lost" year, so I'll be happy to go into 1999. Was scheduled for a complete knee replacement in January, but 2 doctors sent me to a cardiologist. He said, "for your age and the fact that you have had a heart attack-you are OK." So surgery happened in February and at the end of the third day the Doctor asked me what my pain level was-and while I knew I had been there for surgery, compared to the pain I always had, I replied "None" and then that leg developed GOUT-in the deep tissue-so stayed in the hospital seventeen days and came home with my ankle ten inches across. And then the good leg developed a circulatory problem and filled full of "squishy" blood. Gout lasted seven months, the good leg turned bad and is still a problem, but I am three-quarters well. So while I stopped, I'm not in a wheelchair and I've read 60+ books and 2 papers a day and am blessed with wonderful family and friends. My kittens have enjoyed my being home. Thank God I'm now going some places and I still see and hear. Lately I've done several radio talk shows about interesting stories of Canon City. I know 1999 will be much more pleasant. From my house to yours comes a wealth of happy wishes.
As ever,

Merry Christmas 2000
Dear Ones,
What a year this has been for me, but thank God, I'm here, in my own home. The kitties were alone most of seven months while I had shingles. First in the hospital then three and a half months in the adjoining facilty PCC.
I lost most of my memory and lost nearly a year on Labor Day 1999 and whlie watching the Broncos I had four horrible pains in my right eye and after three trips to the ER a young doctor asked me if had ever had chicken pox. I said "yes" then he said you have shingles and so I did and still have residual effects. The doctor says I will have Post herpetico neuralgia for the rest of my life! I never had blisters but just bumps. Enough about me.
What I learned was to appreciate more fully my family, my home, and the true value of friendships. God has been good to me.
Hank & Shirley and their two daughters have been successful and enjoy good health. Lana is a civil engineer in Nevada, Dawn and her husband Jerry live in Williamsburg and she is employed at the Federal institution at nearby Florence.
We all have either dog and /or cats which adds to the quality of life.
The two granddaughters in Kansas each have two children (3 girls 1 boy) they live hectic busy lives and both have brought their children to visit me. Sis and Jim renovated an old hotel and have made a beautiful (3rd floor) apartment complete with a "front yard". Sis can look over the courthouse. All of htem have many blessings. And again all your prayers for Sis and her family have been so beneficial. Cats and/or dogs in each family there.
We love and appreciate our animals! My sister Connie and husband Jim have had physcial problems but their three daughters and husbands have nice homes and two of the girls also have jobs, and yes there are dogs and cats! Plus Connie and Jim have an old horse.
May your holiday be full of love and gratitude, and a Happy New Year.
With Affection

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