Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cat Creek Cemetery Report 1995

from grandma grace's book

The cemetery board would like to report to you the progress and expenditures of the cemetery for the year 1994, and to express appreciation to those who visited the cemetery and made contributions for it's maintainance. The year 1994 was an expensive maintainance and improvement year, and according to the weather pattern it's maintainance will surpass proceeding years.
ENDOWMENT FUND: Bal. May 1994--$15901.30
principal added 95 6381.46
interest added 506.84
bal. april 1995 $22789.60
only interest from the endowment fund may be used for the upkeep of the cemetery; and it has been the policy of the board to re-invest the interest, and thus increase the endowment fund for future need. Those making donations to the endowment are Leland & Eva Maxwell, Albert & Ruth Campbell, Harley Whitt, Mina Hickman, Gladys Utterback, Roberta Utterback, Lois Utterback Beal, Horace & Maxine Lowry, Lynn Armstrong, Mildred King Memorial (flowers), Gale Brown Memorial (Flowers), Brimson History Book Sales, Mildred King Family Memorial. The board members are grateful for the contributions.
SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Bal. May 1995 $300.00
interest 18.79
total April 1995 $418.79
stone repair 45 stones @ $20.00---900.00
balance 638.94
mowing fund depleted transferred 300.00 to mowing fund until donations arrived -300
total balance May 1995 338.94
9 mowings at 72.00 = $648.00 (note the interest from the endowment fund would not have been sufficient to cover the cost of the mowings.)
Elois Wade adn Dorothy Mullins were re-elected by accumulation. Another board member is needed to replace Gale Brown. The board would encourage and welcome others to attend the open meeting held on the 1st May Sunday at 2p.m. at the Cat Creek Church. If you were unable to come or missed us at the cemetery please send your contributions to Elois Wade, Dorothy Mullins, Garvin Moulin, Minerva Brown, Ronnie Smith, Don McClure.
$45.00 for liability insurance
$25.00 for bank box
thanks, Members of the Cat Creek Cemetery board.

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