Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cat Creek Cemetery Report 1993

The Cemetery Board Members wishes to express their thanks for your interest, concerns and contributions; and most of all our visits to the Cemetery to pay respect to those you loved.
Board members would like to report to you at this time the progress and expenditures of the cemetery.
The total endowment fund at this time MArch 1 1993 in C.D.s is $15,394.84. 1992's amount was $13,702.22 which is an increase of $1,689.62. This increase amounts to donations to the fund, plus interest earned, which has been re-invested. Only interest from the endowment fund may be used for other expenses. Therefore each year the board has chosen to re-invest the interest to increase the amount of the original endowment; relying on pledges for the upkeep of the cemetery. Thanks to your generosity this has been possible.
A Savings Account is kept open to deposit donations until the amount is large enough to purchase more C.D.s. The amount at this time is $102.41.
A seperate account is kept for the mowing fund. In 1992 the account was $377.47--your donations were $382.00 in 1992. The cost of mowing in 1992 was $472.00, therefore as of Jan 1 1993 the balance in the mowing fund is $308.37.
Brian McDaniels had previously mowed the cemetery; but decided not to continue this year, and recommended Brandon Ward,who will be mowing the cemetery in 1993.
On several occasions the board members expressed concern over some older stones in need of repair. At last years meeting it was voted to establish a seperate account for this purpose. This has been a donation project promoted by Dorothy Mullins and Minerva Brown. The amount at this time is $1,123.94. Their goal is $1.500.00 before getting estimates; so if you have a few dollars to pledge it would be appreciated. We really appreciate those who have contributed so generously.
As the annual meeting all members accepted their positions for another year. Ronald Smith and Garvin Moulin are members of the mowing committee.
Lucille McClure resigned as treasurer; and Don McClure accepted the nomination to fill her unexpired term. We welcome him to the board and appreciate his interest.
Thanks Again,
Cat Creek Cemetery Board
Elois Wade-president
Minerva Brown-vice pres.
Don McClure-treas.
Dorothy Mullins-Sect.
Ronald Smith, Garvin Moulin, Gale Brown-board members
you may contact any of the members for contributions or comments.

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