Sunday, October 28, 2007

Elsie L. Smith

from grandma's book
handwritten notes from grandma grace: "this is my mothers side of the house. Hugh Higdon was my mom's brother, Elsie Higdon is his daughter, Karen is Elsie's daughter. Elsie is my cousin."
Xmas letter dated Dec. 17 1984
Dear friends, This has been a long and difficult year for me. Many things have happened within my life, and I want to share where I am now.
In October of 1983, I moved to one of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) facilities at Raymore, MO, Foxwood Springs Living Center, where I had an apartment of my own.
In May, I had a stroke and again in July. When I moved back out to Foxwood Springs, I moved into the Health Care Center where I share a room with another lady. My health has improved from the summer. Right now I have been having a cold, and suffered some burns to my legs a couple of weeks ago. I was visiting some friends in their apartment and spilt a cup of tea on my legs. They are looking better now.
My daughter, Karen, is the senior minister at Budd Park Christian Church in Kansas City. Her husband, Bennie, is the intentional interim minister at Marshfield, MO. Grandson Philip, is a senior in high school at Ozark, where he and Bennie live. Phil has gotten all kinds of football honors this year, and is planning on going to college on a football scholarship. Just where, we arent' sure yet.
Anita, is a senior at Drury adn is doing her student teaching this coming semester and graduates in May. She is planning on teaching music. Kenneth is working on his paramedic training and working for the Tulsa Ambulance Company. His wife, Carri, is still an accountant with Mapco in Tulsa. They are to be parents in March. Kenneth has been offered a job with the police dept. in Owasso, north of Tulsa.
Ernast and Pat have a new little boy, born July 7 1984. His name is Michael Jacob Yount. Matthew Alexander is now 2, as of October 31 1984. In August they will be moving to Germany for three to four years. So you see I have two great-grandsons and another great-grandchild on the way. Who would have ever thought it? Not me. I'm hoping to see everyone the Saturday before Christmas, when they'll all be in Kansas City.
Karen's new position at Budd Park Christian Church keeps her real busy, but she tries to get out to see me every week. She has just moved into a nice big home in Kansas City, just a few feet from where she was.
Elsie L. Smith

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