Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tempter Grill Menu

from Grandma Grace's book
note on back: "Mrs. Winona (Vern) Smith gave me this history.
Henry Fisher, Ira Desper & Vern Smith started the Tempter Grill, which was located on Five Points. Just off of Main Street on Tenth Street. Mr Fisher took care of (can't read), Mr Desper the book work & Mr Smith was cook. Mr Fisher and Mr Desper where white and Mr Smith was colored (Negro.) Mr Fisher decided to start a restaurant
So he went in on the corner of Main and Tinsman Avenue. Which is now Howards Dept. Store. He ran it for 2 years and then went into Furniture Store with Mr Meeker on North Main across from where the college is. Mr Desper then left and went to Illinois to work as a bookkeeper for an uncle. Mr Smith run it for a few years and then sold out. Then he managed the Plaza Coffee Shop for 2 years. Then bought the Blue Moon Cafe on Main St. Just a short distance from stop light. He managed that until he retired.
Mr Smith passed away July 19 1988 at Trenton Mo at the age of 92.

(deb's note: Vern & Winona were Grandma & Grandpa's neighbors across the street...when you'd go to visit Grandma & Grandpa, Winona would lean out the door to tell you hello, or that Grandma & Grandpa weren't home, or she'd have cookies, she gave us a little dresser when Koren was born that we still have. They were a very nice couple. Grandma & Grandpa had a lot of nice neighbors, it was a good neighborhood to raise kids in!)

Tempter Grill The Good Morning Place of Trenton
Special Club Breakfast Served All Day
No. 1-20cents
Two eggs, buttered toast, and Folgers coffee
ham & one egg, buttered toast & Folgers coffee
No. 3-30cents
link sausage & one egg, buttered toast & Folgers coffee
tenderloin, buttered toast, Folgers Coffee
corn or wheat cakes, one egg & Folgers Coffee
corn or wheat cakes, 3 strips of bacon, Folgers Coffee
corn or wheat cakes & Folgers Coffee
choice of cereal with double cream, toast & Folgers Coffee
grapefruit 10cents
tomato juice 10cents
orange juice 10cents
pineapple juice 10cents
stewed prunes 10cents
sliced pineapple 10cents
sliced bananas 10cents
cereals with pure cream 10cents
wheat, rye, or white bread,with jelly 10cents
waffles, electrically baked 15cents
waffles pecan 20cents
strip order of bacon 10cents
strip order of fried ham 15cents
milk, per bottle 5cents
doughnuts 5cents
butter roll plain or toasted 5cents
eggs-our speciality-2 eggs, scrambled in cream, and butter with toast, jelly, and coffee 25cents.

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