Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cat Creek Cemetery Report 1992

from grandma grace's book

The cemetery board would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your interest, concerns, and contributions to the cemetery.
This report is written as an update of the cemetery's business and accomplishments. July 10 1976 a Cat Creek Cemetery Association was incorporated to form an endowment fund for the maintainance of the cemetery. Only interest from the fund can be used for maintainance. An endowment means the portion of an institutions income derived from donations. The board has chosen to re-invest the interest each year to the original endowment to proved for the future upkeep of the cemetery, realizing interest rates will become lower, while the upkeep will increase, and have relied on individual pledges to the mowing fund. Thanks to you who contributed Memorial Day, or have contributed through Memorial Flower Funds this has been possible.
The board strives to keep the lawn presentable through the year, for we know how important this is to you who visit your loved ones.
The treasurer of the cemetery is bonded. The board feels this necessary for the protection of the treasurer, board members and the endowment fund. The bonding is not a lack of confidence but good legal business.
Legal by-laws are being reviewed and rewritten for approval by the board. A copy of these by-laws will be available by writing one of the board members.
The board is concerned about the condition of the many stones in need of repair and erection, and feels a need to share this concern with you. Many of the stones have no relatives left to be concerned or contribute, and many have relatives living at a distance unaware of the conditions, and address unknown. The board discussed the possibility of establishing a separate fund to which donations may be made to refurbish the stones. It may be necesary to do only a part of the cemetery each year. A copy of this report will be sent to those who have stones in need of repair if address is available.
Garvin Maulin and Ronald Smith are members of the mowing committee.
The mowing fund has a seperate checking account. Your memorial day contributions & memorial floral gifts are placed in this account. As of April 31 1992 the balance was $377.47. The cemetery was mowed 7 times in 1991, at the cost of $497.00.
The total endowment in C.D.s is $13,702.22. A savings account is $705.28 waiting to be accumulated enought for another certificate of deposit.
The board thanks you for your interest. If you care to make contributions send them to any board member indicating how you wish your contributions to be utilized.
Thanks, Cat Creek Cemetery Board
Elis Wade President, 1114 Hillside, Chillicothe, MO
Minerva Brown Vice President R#2 Box 182 Brimson MO 64642
Lucille McClure Treasurer 303 Linn Trenton MO
Dorothy Mullins Sect. 109 W 17th Trenton MO
Ronald Smith member 317 S 12th St Bethany MO 64424
Garvin Maulin member R#2 Brimson MO 64642
Gale Brown member R#2 Box 182 Brimson MO 64642

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