Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Satisfied Mind cont...

Porter married Velma Johnson April 29 1944 at Hardy Arkansas, marriage liscence said he was 16 & she was 18, but she says she was younger than Porter. She thought the marriage lasted maybe months, his sisters believed their mother had the marriage annulled at West Plains Courthouse. Circuit Clerk & Recorder of Deeds Fern Freeman Walker checked the records to 1954 & found no divorce. Velma & her husband hope she's not still married to Porter Wagoner---they have 9 sons, 1 daughter, grandkids, & great grandkids.
p.74 Ruth quit the shoe factory April 1952 & never had to "work out" again. When she moved to stay with Porter she was pregnant. She had German Measles but baby Debra Jean wasn't affected.
p.100 they were living in a rented house when Denise was born in 1955.
Ruth entertained the pickers who dropped by & is remembered fondly for her cooking. Few KWTO personnel recall her distinctly, everyone described her as shy.
Ruth declined any interviews.
later talked on the phone for half hour to books author, who found her witty, outspoken, & very subtle.
Porter can't discuss Ruth without choking up & becoming troubled. He can't be made to say a single word against his ex-wife
theyy bought a house in Springfield
pp.106-7 at least one person interviewed believes Ruth threw 1 or more of Porters fancy Nudie suits out on the lawn---the source of this rumor might of been the Porter/Dolly duet "Her and the Car and the Mobile Home."
p.110 Ruth didn't drive. He bought her a blue & white sporty Chevy & put it in the garage with a note, "This is your car, Dear. You will learn to drive it? If you don't learn to drive it, I'll sell it."
p.114 Ruth had her first dishwasher.

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