Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Satisfied Mind continued...

p.122 the family moved to Nashville
Richard didn't like Nashville, everyone made fun of how they talked.
Debra felt set apart from the other little girls
p.129 shadows lay across the marriage in West Plains, at Christmas 1965 Porter moved out & never returned.
p.148 a picture of Richard, Ruth, Denise, & Debra
p.159 Dec. 23 1965 Richard left for the Army & Vietnam. Porter said they seperated Dec.27, Richard says Porter told the girls on Christmas Eve while their mother was at the beauty shop that he was leaving. For many years his fans had no idea of the seperation.
p.160 Porter gave his "Pretty Miss Norma Jean" Beasler (his female singer) an engagement ring, he wouldn't divorce Ruth, she wouldn't divorce him. His sister Lorraine said he told her he would never divorce Ruth while his parents were alive, & he stuck to his word. Norma Jean gave the engagement ring back & married someone else.

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