Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Satisifed Mind

Debra's husband is Mike Loy
p.395 IRS said Porter owed $489,000. His new manager began selling off his homes, including Ruth's on Franklin Road. She was moved into a more modest home where she lives today.
p.424 Richard works at Opryland
p.427 Porter decided he wanted a divorce Feb 1986
Ruth filed March 1986 "irreconcilable differences"
p.428 divorce trial in October
Ruth kept her house, her 1979 Cadillac, her jewelry & furs, $1300/month alimony payment, & a cash settlement.
p.457 acknowledgements page lists Ruth Wagoner.

& now Deb is done skimming thru this book. If anyone wants to borrow it (with my mad highlighting of passages interesting to me...)let me know.
It's always cool to have someone 'in the family' who makes it into a book, etc, they're much easier to 'get to know'.

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