Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Satisfied Mind cont....

p.171 Porter crashed one week after leaving his family-hospitalized
p.174 Sept 1966 Richard left Camp Irwin CA for Vietnam with Ninth Artillery Division
p.175 Sometimes when Porter was sick, Ruth & Denise would bring potato soup to his apt.
p.178 Vietnam story-12:40 a.m. one night in March 1967 VietCong attacked the Ninth Artillery. Porters son manned his artillery piece until dawn. He rec'd a commendation for helping the medics. "Vietnam is a beautiful place. I'd like to go back there."
p.218 daughter Denise wrote liner notes on one of her dad's albums
p.227 Mel Tillis "We got to be good friends when he separated from his wife."
p.238 daughter Debra was at the session when "A Little Boys Prayer" was recorded. "There wasn't a dry eye in the studio when he cut that."
p.259 Porter liked to drop by Berry Road with his guitar and try his latest song on his family. "Deb, what d'you think?" Debra was frightened when her father played her "The Rubber Room."
p.262 the most unusual song Porter wrote "George Leroy Chickashea" when the song is mentioned to Debra, she gets the chills.
p.263 "Ballads of Love" album 1972 the pretty blonde on the cover is Porters daughter Denise-for whom the song "Denise Mayree" was named.
p.264 "Experience" album 1972-"Darlin' Debra Jean" was inspired by his daughter Debra's wedding, with him & Ruth looking on with pride.
p.274 Sept 27 1971 Porter attended a ribbon cutting in his hometown-a street was named PORTER WAGONER BOULEVARD as part of PORTER WAGONER DAY. 7000 people including his children, mohter, & both sistersr attended.
p.277 South Nashville-in April 1972 Porter paid $60000 for a house-which has sold twice since-as late as 1986 the house was pictured in a national magazine picture book of the stars homes. Porter never lived there. Ruth & Denise did. Richard had moved away, Debra lived in a dorm at Belmont College. Porter & Ruth remained seperated but not divorced from 1965-1986. they kept this as quiet as possible. he didn't enjoy talking about his marriage or his wife. He suggested Ruth should find herself a good companion for a husband-she never did.
p.278 He left home, for 20 years paid every bill of hers, she had an unlimited checking account.
Ruth: "There's more money, we have a nicer home. But you're not going to be in it. You give us earthly things. But its not you."
Debra Wagoner didn't see how her relationship with her father could've been any closer. She also said that Dolly Parton was the big sister she never had.
p.279 Debra says Porter wrote "Just Beyond the Chapel Door" for her wedding. he gave her "Darlin' Debra Jean" as a birthday gift-royalities included. Polly was a guest at Debra's wedding.
Denise Kelton sings backup and shakes a tambourine with her father at the Opry.
p.280 Denise took a senior class trip to the Holyland in 1973. She met a boy, & later flew to Greece to stay with his family. There was a military coup with marshall law, she had to wait a day and a half to use a phone to call home. When she got to New York Channel 4 News interviewed her.
p.281 Ruth lost her house on Franklin Road 1982. Debra's favorite entertainer is not her father, but Hank Williams, Jr.

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