Saturday, January 5, 2008


This is a newspaper article that appeared in the Greeley (Colorado) Daily Tribune June 9, 1977.
The program was given by Mrs. Delle Hall about her great-great grandfather John Claude Doze and her great grandfather Joseph B. Doze. She, however, had her great-great grandfather’s name wrong, as did many descendants during that time (1977). Many others thought his name was Job Doze. Land, naturalization, cemetery and old letters have confirmed that our French Immigrant’s name was actually John Claude Doze.
Joseph B. Doze was the youngest son of John Claude Doze. Joseph B. Doze was a brother to Victor Doze, Peter Doze, Francis K. Doze, Jacob Doze, Augustus Doze, and Rosannah Doze.
I tried to save it as a word document so I could delete the Dear Abby article, but it came out all mumbled and jumbled. So you have to read it one column at a time which continues on second page and then go back up to the second column, etc.
Gary Doze found this article, sent it to me and I wanted to share it with everyone else.
Hope it comes through okay, if not, I’ll try something else.
Vicki Doze

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Kim said...

I was reading on your other blog and couldn't find a place to comment. The bit about the crown -- been there done that. I was chewing on an ice cream stick (dumb I know) and split my crown right up the middle. Unfortunately, it was a front tooth and I looked absolutely adorable until it was fixed. You live and learn once the ice cream is gone you really don't need the stick anymore.