Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

Sunday afternoon Kate & I went to Springer Chapel & Cat Creek Cemetery to decorate graves. We didn't make it last year since Brenda & kids came to visit @ Mom & Dad's. We noticed the Springer Chapel Church was gone. We think a big old tree was gone @ Cat Creek, too, but we couldn't remember...
I was kind of surprised there weren't more flowers out for Sunday afternoon. So many of the old graves don't get decorated at all. Kate would like to decorate ALL of them next year. I told her that the families had probably died out or moved away. It makes me sad, too. We decorated Dottie Higdon, Harriet Hughes Harrison Maxwell, Laura Harrison, Erastus Harrison, Syria Hill, Gladys Townsend, the stone next to Gladys with Townsend babies you can't read anymore, Amanda Shirley, Emery Shirley, Cynthia Maxwell, infant Maxwell, Eugene & Joseph Maxwell, Glen Dale Brown, Cynthia Whitt Creswell, JC Maxwell, Minerva Maxwell, Gilly May Maxwell, Thomas W.Maxwell, & James C Harrison....these are not all actual relatives...Laura & Erastus were Harriet's kids from her first marriage...Syria Hill was Laura's cousin she drowned with in Cat Creek ( I think I know what I'm talking about...), Amanda Shirley was my great grandparent Maxwell's neighbor who was murdered, Emery was her husbands child from his next marriage who died at age 10 in a sledding accident, James C Harrison was I think Harriet's first father in law.
I hope our cemetery visits mean something to Katie. There were a few other families decorating, too. Seeing the tombstones & hearing what I think I remember of their stories...I think Katie is my genealogist. She is our family's future.
It was a hot one today, we took the car with no a/c...the truck is going in the shop, & Kevin had to go to work. We about had heatstroke. Like she said, the cemetery is the place to drop dead...

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