Tuesday, April 7, 2009

from Norman

I can't thank you enough for your time and effort to put this all together. It has become easier to follow the names and dates. It appears that Oscar was not a pleasant person to know. His children went elsewhere if possible and the family lost track of him. There is a conflict regarding the death of Leta Shafer as to whether she died in 1969 or in an auto accident in 1985.

It appears that living a long time is not too likely on the Shafer side of the family. Upon my return to north Missouri, probably as a reunion, I will visit the grave sites in Cainsville and search for past family members.

I have tried to find information on burial of Oscar Shaeffer in Arkansas but no luck yet. The spelling of Shaffer is a bit of a hurdle but officially it must be Shafer if the other families are using it. I will also search for automobile fatality records in Minnesota. If the voice mail you received was correct, Leta's mother was in the car and she was pretty old so some of the family can survive for a long time.

Here's to your good health and thanks again.

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