Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more from Robert Norman

I am getting more information from every e-mail. This is really great!!

My mother's maiden name was Lita Ann Hancock and the death was in 1969 and likely from a vehicle accident in Minnesota. My adoption records said her name was Lita Anna but that is insignificant. I have a copy of this legal notice of adoption and it is dated October 21, 1948 as advertised in the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune. Oscar must have changed his last name to Schaeffer as it was also in the paper with that spelling.

My adopted mother, Mildred Norman told me that Judge Rose in Unionville said that George, my brother was 4 1/2 years older than me so he would have been born around 1939. He may still be in California.

Thank you all for participating in this whirlwind knowledge of my family tree as it came so quickly and I never really expected any information would ever come. It is amazing what google can do and the caring people who keep records to share like you guys.

Great!! It won't be for a while as the Chillicothe reunion plans are dragging on due to a lack of interest to organize it there. I will always stay in touch with you and with your permission, I would like to pass this information along to my sister's two children in St. Charles, MO. They have been searching records too. Their mother, Patty is not well with diabetis and heart problems. Honestly, they don't get along with her, but that is sometimes how family life is. I have met them all and they all have nice qualities. Patty had a hard life, never legally adopted but did get married, then divorced. She is in a nursing home with no family to care about her. The adoption home would not allow the Norman's to adopt both Patty and me and they wanted a son first. Anyway, I would like to send the information to her children, K.R. and Donna Shank and they will indeed be grateful.

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