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Tom & Gilly like most pioneer families, endured many hardships. They started their marriage in the home of his father & cared for his parents until their deaths. Their oldest daughter Evie had polio when she was 7 years of age. Tom drove her to Bethany twice a week-a distance of 18 miles each way-hoping she might be able to walk again. The disease at that time was so new that little could be done, so Evie traveled in a wheelchair the remainder of her life.
Probably their greatest heartache came in 1910 when they made two trips in one week to Cat Creek Cemetery with the deaths of their two young sons-Eugene Higdon Maxwell, 2yr10mo, & Joseph Henry Maxwell, 1yr 3 mo. this was during the year of the Typhoid Fever Epidemic.
In 1924 the family home burned, leaving them with few belongings. Again, they rented a nearby farm and picked up their lives. In 1937 they built a house and moved to their own farm which joined Cat Creek Cemetery and continued to live there until 1950 when they moved to Trenton.
Tom, a 16th blood Cherokee, was always soft-spoken, very quiet, and reserved, while Gilly of German descent was quick-spoken, energetic, a wonderful cook & marvelous homemaker. Both parents instilled in their children a sense of respect for their ancestorial heritage.
1. Mildred Evie Maxwell born April 7 1902 died Jan 1 1948 at the home of her sister
Grace Brown in Trenton, MO. burial Cat Creek cemetery. she had polio when
she was 7 & was paralyzed from the hips down. She was skilled in
needlecraft, sewing, and cooking. she made the bed with the help of a
broom handle. She always remained cheerful and was a second mother to the
other children.
Evie never married or had children of her own, but she was a great favorite of
her nieces Chardy, Kay, & Janet Brown.
2. James Phillip Maxwell born Nov 8 1904 on the old Maxwell homestead one mile
north of the Cat Creek Church , now commonly referred to as being Hanes Lake.
at one time it was the Taggert Post Office of which his grandmother was
postmistress. he died Feb 11 1980 buried Springer Cemetery, Brimson MO
married Alma Alice Arney ec 24 1924 Bethany MO. she was born Aug. 29 1907 the
daughter of John & Cathryn Arney Brown Arney & died Nov 13 1977 at Sunnyview
Nursing Home, Trenton, MO burial Springer Cemetery, nw of Brimson
1. Jasper Lloyd Maxwell born June 18 1925 married Gladyes Bessenbacker March
1966, she has child by previous marriage.
2. Clyde Elwood Maxwell born Oct 18 1928 married Doris Ellis March 2 1951
Lawton,OK. she was born Jan 29 1933 Trenton MO daughter of Calvin &
Ruth Jones Ellis. died March 9 1976 buried Hillcrest Cemetery west of
Excelsior Springs, MO.
1. Ruth Maxine Maxwell born July 29 1952 married __________ Mattivi
a. Joey Mattivi
b. Jamie Mattivi
c. Jennifer Mattivi
2. James Richard Maxwell born April 25 1954 married Judy
a. James Michael
3. Sharon Sue Maxwell born Nov 4 1955
Clyde Maxwell married & divorced Lucille Perryman, then married the widow
of Eddie Chambers, Margie Chambers.
3. Eugene Higdon Maxwell Jan 1 1907-Oct 8 1910 buried CAt Creek Cemetery.
victim of the Typhoid Fever Epidemic died 5 days after his baby brother
4. Joseph Henry Maxwell July 16 1909-Oct 3 1910 buried Cat Creek Cemetery
victim of the Typhoid Fever Epidemic died 5 days before his big brother
5. Leland Albert MAxwell born Dec 7 1911 died June 10 1994 services June 13
1994 Melbourne Baptist Church, buried June 13 1994 Mitchell Cemetery
married Eva Jane Brown May 7 1940 @ Gilman City, she was born May 5 1911
the daughter of Thomas Armfield and Dora M. Gardner Brown.
1. Eva Maxwell stillborn daughter July 19 1941 Mitchell Cemetery
2. Mary Maxwell stillborn daughter April 26 1943 Mitchell Cemetery
3. Marsha Jane MAxwell born April 26 1943 married Emmitt Williams Dec 24
1966 Melbourne Baptist church
1. Erica Rae Williams born Dec 19 1979
2. Erin Ann Williams born Oct 24 1981
6. John Leonard Maxwell born April 16 1614 married Thelma "Honey" Moffett
March 4 1939(49) KC, MO. born Feb 14 1905 Mountain Grove, MO died August 3
1977 Grove, OK burial Olympus Cemetery. she had one child of her own.
married Oletha Odem of Grove, OK on Dec 11 1978 , she died Thursday March 21 1996 &she had 2 children.
7. Leona Grace Maxwell born Sept 21 1916 married Vermal Brown uly 22 1939 Trenton MO
a. Charlene Ann "Chardy" Brown born Dec 21 1941 at 1104 Rural St, Trenton,MO
married Larry Keith Little, divorced 1975 . he died of cancer Oct 3 1986 &
was buried Mt Washington Cemetery, KC. he had remarried & had
several children.
1. Shelia Grace Little born Nov 3 1968 KC MO. married Kerry Allan Dauma
March 25 1989 NKC, MO.
a.son Dauma born April 25 1991 Belleive, ILL
b.Steven Keith Dauma born July 31 1995 KC MO.

Charlene married Vaugh Dongan June 1976-divorced
Charlene married Jim Bridgefort Feb 19 1977-divorced
charlene married Bob Shank Feb 20 1978-divorced
Charlene married Jim Smith
b. Sharon Kay Brown born Sept 17 1943 at 1314 West Crowder St, Trenton, MO
eloped with Bobbie P. Crawford Aug 1961, he had children: Bruce, Connie, &
1. Teresa "Robin" Crawford born July 30 1962 Trenton MO
married Bobby Shalz Dec 8 1990 St Joe MO. he was born Nov 15 1960
Robin worked in car dealerships for years & now is a stay at home mom.
Bobby is in the National Guard & participated in Operation Desert Storm
& every campaign since.
a. Jace Patrick Shalz born Nov 21 1995 St Joe MO
b. Alexis "Lexi" born
I don't have this one updated...she was born early 1999...will fix this.
2. Christopher Paul Crawford "Chris" born Oct 17 1964 married Robin Lynette
Parcel Nonv 11 1989 St Joe, MO
a. Ashley Nicole born Nov 3 1991 St Joe MO
b. Tara Kayann born July 21 1996. her middle name was in honor of her
3. Joseph "Shawn" Crawford born July 20 1969 St Joe MO married Karlan Finney
Dishon June 10 1995 St Joe MO, she was born Jan 24 1963 & has 2 children:
Grant Dishon born Dec 17 1986
Emily Dishon born April 27 1989
c. Janet Mae Brown born May 14 1945 420 West 20th Trenton MO married Bernard
Charles Axsom June 2 1963 Trenton MO he was born June 17 1944 at home
north of Cainsville, MO.
1. Debra Lynn Axsom "Debbie" born Dec 8 1964 Trenton Mo married Kevin Fred
Dailey Sept 28 1983 Mercer MO, he was born Feb 28 1965 Galvaston Co, TX.
a. Koren Marie Dailey born Oct 8 1985 Leon IA.
b. Karly Joseph "KJ" Dailey born March 9 1992 Fairfax, MO
c. Katie Scarlett Dailey born Nov 2 1998 Corydon, IA
2. Lisa Ann Axsom born Nov 17 1966 Trenton MO married Thomas Heiber Butler
June 4 1984 Belle MO, he was born Oct 3 1963.
a. Maxwell Oran Butler born 1998.
b. Logan Aaron Butler born 2000.
(this is embarrassing, both were born around Labor Day Weekend, I'm
thinking Max end of Aug, Logan Sept 1st, maybe, will have to verify.)
3. Brenda Kay Axsom born March 28 1969 Trenton MO. she & long time boyfriend
Jason Crabb have 4 children:
a. Rachelle Kay Crabb born Derby IA June 2 1996
b. Sarah Ranea Crabb born Jan 1998 CorydonIA
c. David Seth Crabb born
d. Brent Jason Maverick Crabb born
(still embarrassing...)
4. John Ross Axsom born Sept 9 1980 Trenton MOnamed after both his paternal
grandfathers: Ross Shafer & Johnnie Axsom
8. Minerva Alice MAxwell b orn Oct 10 1921 married LAwrence Dale Brown Aug 9 1945
Albuquerque, NM. born Aug 29 1922 BrimsonMO died Sept 17 1987 KC MO burial
Cat Creek Cemetery.
1. Glen Dale Brown stillborn Dec 13 1949 Cat Creek Cemetery
2. Lawrence "Gale" Brown born July 19 1952 died Oct 26 1994 in a work accident
at KC MO, buried Cat CreekCemetery.

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