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History of Tazewell County pp 432-3

The Maxwell family- one of the pioneer families that figured prominently in the history of the Upper Cinch Valley, is the Maxwell's. James Maxwell, who was of the Scotch-Irish blood, came from the province of Ulster to America and settled in Pennsylvania early in the eighteenth century. He married a Miss Roberts, and moved to that part of Augusta county, VA, now embraced in the county of Rockbridge. Three of his sons, Thomas, James, & Robert, were among the first settlers inpresent Tazewell County. Thomas & James settled on Bluestone,not very far from the present town of Graham; and Robert located near Plum Creek, about two miles west of present town of Tazewell. They came here about 1771-1772.

Thomas Maxwell not only had frequent encounters with Indians, but was with Lt. Rees Bowen at the battle of Kings' Mountain, where he acted wtih usch gallentry that he was made a captain of militia in Washington county, he having located on the north fork of Holston River, after his return from King's Mountain. The brave pioneer lost his life while assisting in the rescue of the wife and children on Thomas Ingles, who had been captives in Burke's Garden by a band of Shawnee Indians. If Thomas Maxwell left any descendants, there is no record or traditional evidence by which the author can locate them.
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James Maxwell moved from the Bluestone settlements and located on Clinch River, somewhere westward of the present county seat of Tazewell. He did excellent service as a soldier and scout in the war with the Indians in 1774, and also in the Revolutionary War. When Tazewell county was organized in 1800, James Maxwell was made the first sheriff of the county. The records of the county show that he was a very active & influential citizen. He had a family but it has been impossible to get any information about his descendants. It is possible that they all left the county.
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to be continued with Robert Maxwell....

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