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History Of Tazewell County pp 432-3 continued...

Robert Maxwell, who settled on Plum Creek, had 8 children: Robert, Mary, John, Margaret, James, Jennie, Mattie, & Elizabeth. Jennie & Mattie were killed by Indians when the savages were making one of their bloody attacks upon the Clinch settlements. Bickly says nothing about this tragic incident. Evidently, the girls were very young, and the murder must have occurred in 1780 or 1781. Robert Maxwell's cabin stood south of the road, and opposite the residence of the late Captain James S.Peery. Some of the cabin chimney stones still remain on the ground.

Margaret, daughter of Robert & Mary Maxwell, married David Whitley. He built a grist mill on the site now occupied by the Star Milling Company at North Tazewell, and he built the stone house for a dwelling that is now a part of the residence of John D. Peery at North Tazewell.

James Maxwell, son of Robert, the pioneer, married Mary Witten, daughter of Jeremiah Witten, son of Thomas Witten, the pioneer.
He was a scholarly man and died in 1866, aged 86 years. His wife Mary Witten Maxwell, died in 1873 at age 93. They had three sons and two daughters. Robert, one of their sons, married Margaret Bates, and he died in 1904, age 97. He was the father of the venerable James Maxwell, who is now living at Maxwell, 6 miles west of the town of Tazewell. His residence is the stone house built by Burdine Deskins at about the same time David Whitley built his stone dwelling at North Tazewell.

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