Monday, May 18, 2009

Bessie Rebecca Craig

daughter of Pete & Cindy Craig
born 22April1908 died 11Nov1994 at the home of her daughter in Woodward IA age 86. she married 10Oct1923 in PRinceton MO to Floyd William Frisbie.
"Bill Red" was born 19April1905 died 30May1975
Mamie Maeborn 4ug1924 married Eckhart Grief...divorced.
-Larry Eckhart born 25MArch1947(1)
-Sharon Louise born 27MArch1948 married Francis Seeman
1.Theresa Lynn Seeman born 26March1969
2.Lisa Anne Seeman born 7June1970
3.Becky Seeman
4.PAtty Seeman
5.Joann Seeman
Charlie William "Little Billy" born 14May1926 died of diptheria 6Dec1929 buried Freedom.

Wilma Blanche Marieborn 22Nov1927 married Harold Nielson, deceased
-Charles William Nielson born 21June1955
-Bradley Edwin Nielson born 24Dec1958
-Christi Kay Nielson born 7July1961
Mary Louise born 28Aug1929 married Harry Varisco
-Linda Lou Varisco born 24Jan1953
-Carol LeeVarisco born 22Aug1954

infant daughter born 20dec1931 died at birth, buried at the foot of Little Billy's grave

Floyd Jr. born 6Oct1934 married Eleanor Louisa Francis born 19 OCt1938
-Robert Eugene Frisbie born 10Nov1955 married _______-
Robert married again
1.Mandi Dawn born 11Aug1988 Leon IA
-PAtricia Louise Frisbie born 4June1959 married Brad O'Neal
1.Carlin (daughter)
3.Lynn Marie born 21Nov1988 Leon, IA
-Barbara Loy Frisbie born 17March1961 (Mrs Barbara Wilderson, Roach, MO?)
-Sherri Lynn Frisbie born 22Aug1966 (mrs Ronnie Barton & Brandi?)
-Michael Keith Frisbie born 31Aug1967 died in car wreck 24Aug1984 burial Freedom

Ronald Edward born 7March1942

Ruth Ann married & divorced Jackie Ray HAgue
-Jackie Ray born 15)ct1961 married Linda Rae Ramsey
1.Sarah Jo born 7Nov1984 Trenton MO
2.Levi born 27May1987
3.Austin Lee born 25Oct1988 Trenton MO
-Joey Allen Hague born 10June1963 drowned in Lake Marie, Mercer MO 5July1984 burial Early Cemetery, Mercer, MO. his fiance Cheryl MArtin married his father & they have a daughter, Lacey. They divorced & Cheryl remarried.
-DAvid Scott born 17May1966 married Kim Sears 24 June ___
1. Nikki
2. son

Richard Wayne born 29Dec1945 married & divorced Lillian Jean Flanagan, Richard remarried Marsha, now deceased.
-Cathie Sue born 24June1965 married Keith Kelly Parkhurst 18June1983 Princeton MO
1.Jason Keith born 31July1985Tx
2.Jamie Leigh born 25Sept1987 Wichita Falls TX
-Nanci Sue born 2Nov1967 married & divorced George E. Duff son of Mr and MRs Hubert E. Duff of Van Wert, IA.
1.Morgan Lee born 19Oct1989 Leon IA
-Joy Lynn born 18May1979

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koolbeanz said...

I feel we must be related. You are posted relatives of mine and their lineage. I'm in California and am a 2nd cousin to Richard Uhler, the son of Mary Craig Uhler. Aunt Mary and my paternal grandmother Ida Mae were sisters. You've also posted about Ida.
So you see we must be distant cousins??