Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mary Marie Craig

daughter of Pete & Cindy Craig
born 20Jan1910 married Charles Hinkle Uhler (died 1983 buried in Oakhill Cemetery, San Jose, CA)
Winiford Joy born 9Aug1929 married William Clyde Wofer Jr
-William Clyde II born 21June1968
-adopted Mary Katherine born 17Jan
Charles Eugeneborn 25March1932 married Beverly Jean Hegg
-Jeffrey Mark born 1Sept1952
-Charles David born 23May1954
-Linda Carol born 18Sept1957
Richard Craig born 15Aug1934 married Janice Adele Ceretto
-Susan Louise born 6Oct1950 married married Douglas "Duffy" Flood, he had son John by previous marriage. (do I have her birth date right? her dad would've been 16 when she was born....)
-Craig Richard born 23June1957
-Richard Craig
Patricia Annborn 27July1936 married Robert Harold Hazelton
-Joy Elizabeth born 4April1956
-Kathy Ann born 25July1957
-Denise Marie born 1Oct1959
-Pamela Kay born 8Dec1963
-Robert Harold II born 7Oct1965

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