Monday, May 18, 2009

Cleo Lionel Osburn

(in our family, you'll see Osburn, Osburne, Osborn, Osborne...)

Alcinda's son Cleo Lionel Osburn born April 7 1895 Cainsville, MO

Cleo Osburn of Cainsville, under the age of 21 married Myrtle Johnson, Cainsville, who was under age 18. Cinda Craig mother of Cleo Osburn & E.V. Johnson, father of Myrtle Johnson have each given their consent to this marriage.
12 Dec 1915 by WA Boyd

Osburne kids
Wilbur Vance 10/12/1918 6/29/1987
Elsie Maude 10/18/1920 7/6/1970
Clifton Emerson 3/12/1922 3/20/1922
Cleo LaVere 1/14/1923 6/24/1975
Wanda Maxine 1/4/1925
Russell Edward 11/19/1927 8/15/2002
Myrtle Ann 8/30/1930
Omehar Adriane 6/31/1932
Truman Everett 6/22/1934 10-31-1959
Lyle Perry 12-18-1935
Patricia Ann 12-24-1938
Gladys Sharon 9-6-1944

Sept 9 1950 Russell E Osburne of Des Moines & Miss Joyce Sanders of Des Moines IA were married at Fort Des Moines.

talk about spreading your kids! If I have the dates right, she was having kids for over 30 years! someone please correct me if I'm wrong...because I have been wrong once or twice over the years...

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