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Our Family Tree by Dolly Gray

this is a copy of the original handwritten notebook of Dollie Gray in possession of Dona Shafer, Princeton, MO. corrections & additions have been made as necessary.

John & Amanda Oburn lived on a farm three miles northwest of Cainsville, MO. When daughter Alcinda married John Craig, the older folks moved to Princeton, MO & the newlyweds stayed on the farm. Their nine children were born there. In March of 1926, when most of the family was grown, "Pete & Cinda" moved to Saline, MO. In June of that same year a tornado went across the farm and destryoed all the buildings, landmarks, & trees, except one big old cottonwood, just inside of the gate of the EAst Forty. The poor old tree lost all the upper half and was splintered and twisted but it is still growing & so is our Osburn-Craig family. the completion of names & dates have been a "Labor of Love" and is meant only for our family enjoyment. any mistakes are probably due to typographical errors. Don't be mad, just let us know how to correct them!
I have left spaces, whenever possible, for future births, marriages, & deaths. It is now your responsibility to let us know when we are to add a line for someone in your own immediate family. When you are no longer able to keep your book up to date, pass it on to someone who will enjoy doing it for you. My first birthday listed is Great-Grandfather Andrew Craig in 1808. Think what a big book it will be 2008!

Happy Reading-
(signed) Dolly Craig Gray
Dec 25 1970

Craig Andrew born 20Feb1808 NC died 27Dec1876 HArrison Co, MO buried in Craig section at Fairview Cemetery, north of Cainsville,MO. There are nine verses on the tombstone:
"Why do we mourn departed friends
or shake at Death's alarms
It's but the Voise that Jesus sends
To call us to his arms."
[note the spelling of 'voice']
Andrew married Mary Heston 28MArch1981. she was born 3Dec1807 & died 25Dec1876 2 days before Andrew. she is buried beside him.
"Our father and mother are gone
They lay beneath the sod
Dear parents, tho we must mourn
We know you rest with God"
there are 2 more tombstones in the same section
"Ida daughter of E.& C. Craig born MArch 21 1877 aged 4 weeks 3 days"
there is a double stone
"Addie died July 20 1878 age 3 mos 7 days (stone is chipped) Hatfield died Feb 3 1880 aged 2 yrs 9 days"
I have no way to identify either of these.

Ivanson E. Craig born 14Oct1833 Henry Co Indiana. no information on time of death, but there is a grave next to his wife. married Rebeca (born 14Oct1839 died 29Dec1891 at Fairview) It was from Rebeca that we are part Indian, there is a difference in opinon as to how much or what tribe. Anyway, one of our ancestors was already here when the Mayflower landed.

Dad Craig's mom was 3/4 Cherokee Indian.
1.William Emsley (may be the "E" uin Ivanson's name) born 31March1858 died 23April1938 buried in the Craig section at Fairview. married Sarah Ann Johnson (Floyd Frisbies aunt). she was born 8MArch1866 died 14June1948 buried Craig section.
a. William O. died 30Aug1896 aged 1 yr 9 mo buried Craig section
b. Eldridge
c. A boy named Myrtle

John Melvin Craig born 20Aug1862 died 3APril1950 buried Freedom Cemetery, north of Saline, MO. listing of children under Osburn-Craig.

Joseph Craig, no information, only that he never married.

Lydia Craig, she never married & lived her later years with brother John Melvin & family. The children called her "Aunt Lied." she was the "Bean and cornbread lady" died 6Sept1927

Winford Craig born 4July1865 died 5Sept1953 buried Fairview, but not in Craig Section, married Louis McBee (pronounced Lou-eyes Mag-bee) there's a tombstone, but it's worn off.
a. Lottie married Cager Callins
b. Leota married Eddie Willis, they had a son Darrell.
Leota married Clyde Stephens, they had Wilbur & Nina.

Sherman Craig married Ida Victoria Osburn (see listing under Alloway-McLure-Osborn for children)
his 2nd marriage was to Neva, she had children by a previous marriage, it was her daughter Ruby that married his son Floyd.
a. Burnie or Burnice (son)

Roderick Craig, there used to be a tombstone at Freedom for Uncle Rod, now there's nothing left but the foundation. Married Melvina Moreland, buried at Freedom by Uncle Rod, son Pearl, & daughter-in-law Hattie.
a. Pearl "Foxy" born 1886 died 1961
b. Dollie married Harvey Fon
c. Douglas Roy born 20Aug1892 died 18June1970 married Hattie Frisbie (Floyd's sister) b.1899 died 1919 in the flu epidemic. Douglas & Hattie had a son, Fay. Douglas married Sophia Day Willis, she had a daughter, Vivian, by the marriage to Vigil Willis, he was killed by lighting. Douglas & Sophia had sons Dean & Harold.

children of Amanda & John Wesley
Amanda born 10Sept1833 Jennings CO, Indiana died 9Nov1912 Mercer Co MO
John born 11Dec1811 died 6Dan1866
Amanda is buried between her two husbands McLure & Osborn in the Hughes cemetery west of Saline, MO.
Nancy Jane born 6Aug1851 married a Mr Dixon, lived in Colorado. There were several children, but only one lived in Missouri as far as known.
a. Mary Belle Dixon born 1871 died 1957 married Green Elmore (born 1870 died 1952)both are buried at Freedom cemetery.

Mary Elizabethborn 4Dec1852 died 31Oct1942 married Enoch Newton Willis (born 21March1836 died 17Feb1923) both are buried at Hughes cemetery. this information on Aunt Mary & Uncle Enoch's family is not complete as our families have never had a close relationship. I have listed the children we think we remember, this may or may not be correct...
a.Enoch Newton Jr born 5Feb1878 died 12May1943
f.Grover C. born 14Aug1887 died30Jan1915
g.John B. born 15Feb1890 died 4Nov1909(1)

John Wesley Jr.,born 29May1857 died 1947 buried Hughes

Sarah Louisa, born 13Dec1862 she lived her younger years in Alva, OK. later moved to Michigan.
a. Cousin Bess born 5Aug1883 married Harry Mashino & lived in Michigan

Andrew Osburn born Illinois
no info on first wife, Grandpa Osburn told our brother Cleo that his 2nd wife great Grandma Martha died during the covered wagon trip from Illinois to Missouri 1860/1 and is buried somewhere along the trail. children from his first marriage were Ellen OSburn Perks & Charles Wesley Osburn.
According to a letter dated 31 July1866 & rec'd by our grandpa Osburn, Uncle was working for the Atchinson, Topeka, & Sante Fe Railroad at Independence, MO. he indicated in the letter that his father was living with Grandpa at the time. mother told me that her grandpa would sit in the kitchen door &trip her & aunt Ida with his cane if they came running through the house. She didn't remember him very kindly!
children from his second marriage:
a.Mary OSburn Perks (I think the Osburn sisters married the Perks brothers, Aunt Ellen lived in Princeton, and Aunt Mary moved to Alva, OK).
b.John Osburn born 20Aug1850 Springfield Ill. died 22April1934 Alva Ok at the home of his sister. buried Hughes cemetery. married Amanda Alloway McClure, according to the dates hshe was old enough to be grandpa Osburn's mother, she married John McLure the year Grandpa was born). I never knew her, but I remarked to him that she looked so serious and stern in the picture of her that was hanging on the wall. He was nearly 80 years old & grandma had been dead a long time, but there was pure love in his voice when he told me she "Was one of the finest women that ever lived." it was his decision to have her buried by her first husband with the stipulation that he was to be put on the other side of her.

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