Monday, May 18, 2009

Ida Mae Craig

daughter of Pete & Cindy Craig born 13May1906 married and divorced Lawrence Mortice, her second marriage was to James Dumas. Her son Donald Lawrence Mortice was adopted by James Dumas and his last name became Dumas, born 25Nov1929 married MAe Sophia Murphy....divorced.
1.Dianne Lydia born 7Nov1948 married & divorced Dario Ganzales
-Tonya Diane Gonzales born 22Aug1968
2.Donald Lawrence "Guy" born 15June1950
3.David James born 25Nov1951 married Christina "Tina" born Aug 1951.
-Joshua Jacob born 9Oct1969
...Joshua had a child
4.Michele Sarah born 2June1953
5.Marion Virginia born 15Feb1955
6.Joanna Sophia born 1March1957


nich0les said...

hello I am nichole Dumas. David James Dumas's daughter. I was doing some famliy research and found this. I was quite surprised. I have one question who was adopted?

Unknown said...

Hi, this is Tonya Diane Gonzales-Clenney. This is my great-grandmother. Nichole, Grandpa Don Dumas was adopted by Great Grandpa Jim when he married Great Grandma Mae.