Saturday, November 28, 2009

aunt mary letter dated April 30 2009

yesterday Virginia got a printout William "Billy" McGinty at the top. then it read contact Gerald

Josephine "Josie" born Joplin area 1855, died 1924 in Norman, OK.
siblings Mashi__ (who was born in Prussia same as the father Geo. W. and mother Elizabeth.), Josephine, Joseph, Mary, & Geo. W who was the father of Grandpa Ross...found on a census from Joplin, Carthage area 1860? Jasper or Maniteau Co.
married Robert Dunkard McGinty.
in Grandpa Ross's obit it states he was the 3rd son, but doesn't name brothers or the sister who preceeded him in death. lists a sister Alpha Van Zuyer of New Plymouth, Idaho among survivors.
the list of Geo. W. & Rosas children doesn't list Alpha. in the family portrait there are Ross, Rosa, Pearl, George & Inez, no Dell or Alpha.
Robert's sister Nadine was Deloris Nadine, she died in Des Moines 1996.
I thought Oscar & Edna's son that Aunt Inez adopted was Warren. Virigina has Wayne.
Virgina found on 1900 census that Great Grandpa George & Rosa had a son Orville L. born 18Feb1887 who wa 13 years old and Alpha was was 10 born in 1890.
an old postcard has people seated around a table. It's to Velma Shafer. it says Aunt Ann & Uncle Joe, Clarence & wife & me from Rosa Willis. Yukon Oklahoma, Canadian Co.
Virginia thinks the deceased brothers are Dell & Orville L.
Grandpa Ross looked to be a teenager in the family portrait with no Alpha and Dell.

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