Saturday, November 28, 2009

letter from Aunt Mary

May 29 2009

Aunt Dona wrote that Oscar & his sister Inez changed the spelling of Shafer when a wealthy woman who died and had no heirs in hopes of getting some of her money, to no avail. (?)
Aunt Dona has Rose Shafers Bible and in it is written
Rosa Marie Dell Shafer Willis Milner born 11May1896 died 6Aug1927
Rose was an Oxford and her brother Jakes wife was Dell. I believe the Aunt Dell that mom wrote about relatives sitting with in her 1939 diary would've been Jakes' wife.
Roy & Barbara Rilling have 2 grandsons graduations....
Aunt Mickey wrote that Cathy Ann Stephens husband died (Aunt Vi's daughter). then Aunt Mickey wrote that she believed she was wrong and a nephew of hers in Tx had died.
Trisha, Darla's oldest, is expecting again in early Dec. the oldest was 5 in Feb.
a woman who has coordinated a senior's genealogy class from the new Independence Gen. library said that one can search penal records on the internet. I understood this a public record even though other info re: Uncle Oscar has been prohibited via computer. I wonder who did this and why. I think Oscars oldest son was either Wayne or Warren.
Aunt Dona wrote that her son Randy dressed in a kilt and played his bagpipes at his dad's and Uncle Deans' graves.
Freeda wrote that she remembered mom talking about Nadine Oxford. I don't. Oscar & Leta's daughter Nadine married an Oxford. The Oxford husband of Nadine was her Grandma Rose's great-nephew.
I wonder if anyone knows if Oscar was actually in prison. there's never been a prison around Blythedale, Virginia said.
Aunt Mickey has a new great granddaughter Bronwyn born to Michelle Crawford in Singapore. Michelle isn't married.
just got a letter from Aunt Mickey. she wrote that Uncle Marvin was born in Missouri. He was born in South Dakota. Grandpa Johnnie & Grandma Daisy moved to South Dakota in 1919 when Dad was 6 years old. he was 10 when Uncle Marvin was born.

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Six columns said...

Oscar Schaeffer(Shafer) was incarcerated in Arkansas and after his sentence, he apparently farmed near DeWitt, Arkansas in the early 1970's.