Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crawford Xmas letter

Just a quick update on the life of the Crawfords.
Shawn is still with Yellow Technologies and is the Unix team leader. Everyone is preparing for the company to takeover Roadway Corporation. We are still a little unsure how that will unfold, but it's always an adventure! He had Lask surgery in October and went from 20/400 vision to 20/15. It was a textbook procedure with zero complications!
Grant is a junior and ran Cross Country for Liberty High School this fall. He earned a Varsity letter and was named Outstanding Newcomer. He enjoyed it so much that he is now on the swim team as well. Who knows what the the spring season will bring. We hope he is done growing now that he has reached 6'4"!
Emily is a freshman and still playing flute & piccolo, swimming on the Tsunami team during the winter months and will begin varsity swim team in spring. She is looking forward to turning 15 in April and getting her permit. She has big plans for the Ford Escort she is inheriting.
I am still staying at home, ha ha ha. Or should I say I am not employed. Seems like I am always running somewhere. I don't know how I ever got anything accomplished when I was working.
We took a family vacation to South Dakota this year. We stayed in a log cabin in the middle of Custer State Park & just chilled...literally. It was a bit cold in June! We saw major attractions, and spent some of the time doing NOTHING! It was a great trip.
We did have an addition to the family this year. Her name is April and she belongs to Emily. April is a duck...a yellow feathered, quacking, waddling, messy duck. She lives in the backyard with the dog, Sassy. Amazingly, they get along very well.

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