Friday, November 27, 2009

Xmas Letter from Linda Cassidy

as you can see there is a picture this year. Last year I didnt' send one out because I didn't have a picture of all my kids together because Nate was overseas. So many of my dear friends complained (loudly!) that I decided that no matter what, there would be a picture this year. But, alas, it was not meant to be! When Nate visited us in February, there was not one time that all my kids were together at the same time. So, again no picture for the Christmas card. I should've been more insightful, and gotten the kids together with someone holding Nate's picture, but again work schedules didn't allow that. If this happens again when Nate is home, I promise to use force if necessary, hire a limo if I have to, and take all the kids to the place where the missing one or ones are working and get my annual picture! I will not admit defeat again!
Below are the kids who have abandoned their mother-which has caused thsi Christmas picture problem.
Nate: serving his country in Iraq since April 2008. He made sergeant this year. His wife Tanya and her son Artem are stationed in Germany presently, waiting for Nate's short leave in January. (Below with Becki & Rachel.)
Alison: abandoned me to move to Oregon. She visited Cousin Liz there, after returning from the Peace Corps, and fell in love with the area. She is working there with handicapped young people with various diagnosis, including Autism.
Coleen: also abandoned her mom.. she is in Milwaukee, in her first year of Med School, at the Wisconsin Medical College! Her goal is pediatrician, and she is working hard to achieve that goal. We rarely see her, as she spends her time studying, studying, studying, studying, and more studying!
As you can see, I haven't lost my wacky sense of humor! I am still deeply in love with Jonathan, my husband of 36+ years! The antics and adventures of all my children and grandchildren still keep me in stitches and laughing. God has truly blessed us with more blessings than we can ever count, and we thank Him for them!
Merry Christmas and God Bless Everyone! Linda & Jonathan.

picture top left Steve, Cousin Gil holding Nate's picture, Jon , Rachel, Colleen, Abby, Alison, and Becki

picture top right Linda & Sue in the Badlands
picture middle left Josh, Nate, & Jonathan
picture middle right Josh, Nate, Sam, Caleb
bottom left picture Nate talking to 4th graders at my school
bottom right picture my youngest Sam & Abby at Ruby Falls

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