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pictures from Vicki Doze

from Vicki Bever Doze

Okay, I'll try to explain pictures first and then send genealogy in another email.
The two of Burtis Taylor Doze were taken in 1944. He was the son of John Burtis Doze and grandson of George Washington Doze.
John Burtis Doze on Wichita Booster Trip in 1941.
John Burtis Doze with granddaughter Genevra M. Doze in 1940.
I'm not sure about the identities of the picture entitled Genevra Jocelyn Doze with son Burtis Taylor Doze.
The young man certainly looks like a younger Burtis Taylor Doze. Do you know, Rosemary, if this is actually your father? I think my in-laws thought it could be a picture of John Burtis Doze with his mother Frances Hahn Doze--but I seriously doubt that. I think the young man has Burtis T.'s mouth shape, chin shape, ears and eye shapes.
The last picture is of Webster Wallace Doze who everyone called Major because of his military service in the Spanish-American War! I don't believe he actually held the rank of Major, however. I do not know who the boy is in the picture. Webster Doze did not have any children of his own. He did have a step-daughter from one of his marriages.

If anyone can tell me if I have the identity correct of the mother and son, please let me know. Thanks.

I'll send genealogy info in a later email. Some of you may not be interested, but it's important to share pictures and genealogy because one never knows when disaster will strike and if nothing is shared, then it could all be destroyed forever. I had a cousin on my father's side of the family who lost all the pictures, genealogy, etc. in a flood in Sept. She also lost the Bever book I had written. Most of the pictures, she had shared with me way back in 1980's and I was able to make nice copies for her and I had an extra book, so I sent them to her. I haven't sent the genealogy yet, but I will.

Vicki Bever Doze

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