Saturday, May 29, 2010

Harriett Hughes Harrison

when we got to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery No. 1 (Cat Creek), we always encounter the holy bible shaped gravestone of Harriett Hughes Harrison first. she was the second wife of my great great grandpa JC Maxwell. her first husband was killed in the Civil War. She lost her baby boy Erastus when he was a month old in 1862 & she lost Laura who drowned in Cat Creek at age 8 in 1867. as JC's wife she ran a post office out of her own home. she fascinated me. she was buried with neither husband, but has a large stone near her lost children. will have to find her biography to post.

have a transcription of stones made in 1964, but it doesn't have the verse we couldn't quite make out on it....

Harriett Harrison
wife of JC Maxwell
Aug 29 1829- Feb 21 1911

"Earth has lost its look of gladness
Heaven seems to see more ________"

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