Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dottie Higdon

from Katie's facebook:
Katiє Dailєy 2day we decorated graves...i always get really sad when i visit a certain grave of a baby named Dottie......we hav this wierd bond. its totally........ghost whisperer! lol
Victoria Terabelian-Mckinney i would get really sad too! just think they'll are in a better place!
Katiє Dailєy yeah.....she just never got much time to live. she was alive 9 1/2 hours........this status is kind of a downer! lol

daughter of P & MA Higdon
died Nov 21 1885
aged 9 1/2 hours

she has a tiny stone & was the only one of this family who was laid to rest at Springer Chapel Cemetery, located right on East Hwy CC between 136
& Brimson.

Katie & I always wondered what happened...was she premature? injured somehow? crib death? her parents had a large family, but I'm sure that didn't make her loss hurt any less.

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