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2003 National Axsom Reunion

from the Axsom Newsletter
May-August 2003

by Friday morning 43 Axsom descendants, spouses, & friends registered at the Ocean Creek Resort. The old Axsom Cemetery situation regarding efforts to get approval to build a fence was presented by Larry Axsom and Norma Zanetti reported on her efforts to get the burial site registered wtih the North Carolina Cemetery Registration Project
silent auction included election posters for Carl Axsom's bid for sheriff.
another 24 Axsom descendants arrived for the family dinner. they honored those Axsom descendants who have passed on since the 20014 reunion. we remembered Donald Ayers of Indianapolis, IN son of Alva & Goldie Axsom Ayers; James Francis Axsom of Elizabethtown, PA son of William Sherry Axsom; Steve Hutchinson of Eden, NC, husband of Bambi Hutchinson; Mildred Axsom Medley of China Grove, NC daughter of Martin Cornelius Axsom; Edgar William Barber of Elkin,NC, husband of Julia Axsom Barber; Andrew Blake Clark, grandson of John & Shelby Axsom of Eden, NC; Edelle Axsom of Columbus, IN wife of Ora Axsom; Dorcas Axsom of Morro Bay, CA wife of James Clark Axsom Jr; Reita L Axsom of Owasso, MI wife of Ernast Dexter Axsom; Loyal A Axsom of Whitney County, IN son of George Wheeler Axsom; Lester Junior "Bub" Axsom of Bloomington IN son of Lester Harold Axsom; James Melvin Axsom of NC, son of Gurney Houston Axsom; Cleta Rose Eads, of Solsberry, IN daughter of Roscoe A and Mary Axsom Covey; Leona Axsom Clark daughter of Estus Axsom and sister to William Neil Axsom.
following dinner one person or more from each family group stood & introduced their family members, sharing some of their family heritage.
Alton Axsom & his extended family numbered 23 or more. There were families with young children attending: Jim & Kim Caruso. There were families with all their children present: Matthew Axsom family, Ralph Axsom family, Bambi Hutchinson family, Teresa Dunovant family. There were families with adult chldren & their families attending: Alton & Betty Axsom & dau. Rhona Sherill; Larry & Ruth Axsom, son Matthew & family; Charles & Kitty Miller and their daughters Vicki Nester & Myra Peele and their husbands; Kathleen Caruso & her son Jim & family; Cassie Dickerson & her daughters Teresa & Dixie & son Jimmy; Gene & Faye Axsom & their daughters Cathy Spangler & Beth Sacrinty; and Bambi Hutchinson & her son Michael.
there were several sets of siblings:
brothers Charles & Sam Miller
Chad & Ross Dunovant
Cathy Spangler & Beth Sacrinty
Betty Axsom Huffstetler & Daphane Axsom Preslar
Myra Peele & Vicki Nester
Teresa Farria & Dixie Cassell & Bambi Hutchinson
brothers & sisters:
Alton Axsom & Gene Axsom & Cassie Dickerson
Marguerite Jenkins & Dean Axsom
Andy & Monica Axsom
Grant & Hannah Axsom
Tony & Luciano Pacifico
Renee Chandler & Kay Dunovant & Jimmy Dix
Rehanna Hutchinson & Michael Hutchinson
Charles Brown & Thelma Elmore & Pauline Malott

Axsom descendants attended the dinner from :
Arizona (1)
Oklahoma (4)
Missouri (5)
Michigan (5)
Indiana (6)
North Carolina (40)
New Hampshire (4)
Florida (2)

$543.25 was made at silent auction for the Axsom Cemetery fund.

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