Saturday, August 14, 2010

forest fires!

editor of the Axsom Association of America newsletter Larry Axsom sent an email to Louise & Ron Axsom of Mesa Arizona last fall when forest fires were burning near their summer home in Pinetop, AZ. here is Louise's reply.

As you probably know, there is a forest fire neaer Whiteriver and 15 miles SW of Pinetop/Lakeside. Today we have a slight wind blowing to the South toward Whiteriver from Pinetop.
There is no immediate danger to these communities. All we have to do is stay tuned to the local radio station for the latest. We do not watch any tv news because they are prone to panic people and make it worse than it really is. Remember, we have experience with this sort of disaster. Eyes and ears open and nose to the wind. Above all the radio tells us, do not panic.
Since the Chediski fire last year, the Whiteriver Apaches have been clearing the scrub brush from their land. from the reservation line on hwy.260 by Hon-dah, on both sides of the road, turning off to hwy 73 down to Whiteriver, it has been cleared of scrub brush. this is what is burning 5 miles sw of Whiteriver. it is a ground fire in very rough country. Hope I didn't tell you more than you want to know about this.


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