Sunday, August 15, 2010

Axsom Reunions

I believe the Branson reunion was in 2001. I could've gotten to Branson. I seriously meant to go. I was on surgery leave for hernia surgery, so had the time off. It was within driving distance. But when it came go time, I had no $. my sister Lisa drove to Branson for the family dinner. I bought tshirts from 2 reunions.

my dad met Larry Axsom at a reunion in Cainsville or Saline when Koren & Kj were young. he gave me his address, I got the first Axsom book & started corresponding with Larry, giving him what info I had, & getting him in touch with Grandma Pauline Shafer Axsom for the rest.

when they drove to Missouri for the Branson reunion, Larry & Ruth drove up here & came to our house to visit. that was cool.

I joined the AAA & contributed our family births & deaths to the newsletter.

I always said I'd buy a tent, take Koren & KJ & Lisa & John, & we'd drive to Indiana for the annual Axsom reunion there. there was a campground in the area we could camp at. did this ever happen? (no.)

I have all 3 Axsom books by Larry, & the cd.

at the reunions they did all kind of cool things.....silent auctions....a family quilt that I don't think I ever got the block done for....and a family cookbook (I think? I would've bought it if there was one...but no more than I crack a cookbook, not even sure where they all are!)

I always meant to go. I have declared myself the family genealogist! but I don't spend much time on it anymore. and no there are no more National Reunions. The AAA was disbanded after Larry's death, the $ in the treasury donated to a college in his memory. no more newsletter. Larry did a lot for the Axsoms. when I was a kid, I didn't know any other Axsoms but my grandparents & uncle in California. but there were lots of them out there! and Larry found a lot of them. so now I just post any new family births, deaths, marriages, etc. on here. maybe someone will find them...

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Kathy Axsom said...

I was reading your post this morning & I think we must be soul sisters...good intentions but not quite enough follow thru. I am married to Gary Axsom, son of Ellis Axsom & Pauline Gregory Axsom. We did go to the Branson family reunion & I would not take anything for the experience or the fun we had! Hope to hear from you sometime. Take care!