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Axsoms in the Civil War

Lest We Forget

by Norma Axsom Zanetti

When Joseph H Axsom Sr died in 1833, he & his wife Nancy, had ten living children: six sons and four daughters. Among the six sons, the three youngest served the Confederate States of America during the Civil War: Joseph Jr, James S, and Alexander. By the beginning of the war in 1861, Joesph had grandsons of the age to serve. Of those grandsons known to have served were Israel P. Axsom, Hezekiah Axsom, Samuel J. Axsom, and John Andrew Axsom. All served for the Confederacy with the exception of Hezekiah. Hezekiah's father, Samuel David, migrated to Indiana in the 1830s. The state of Indiana was established as a free commonwealth & was one of the earliest states to volunteer for the Union.

The following is a list of Joseph H. Axsom's descendants who served in the Civil War wtih a brief description of their service gathered primarily from Compiled Military Service Records obtained from the National Archives.

Joseph H Axsom Jr son of Joseph H Axsom SR.
Joseph Jr married Mary Setliff about 1838. Joseph Jr enlisted in Short's Local Defense Comany C 5th Regiment, North Carolina Senior Reserves in Dobson., Surry County, NC on 16 July 1864. The Senior Reserves were mainly used to relieve the regular troops and serve as guards at Salisbury Prison and railroad bridges. The Company Muster Roll dated January & February 1865 noted that Joseph was absent because he had been detailed from January 25 to July 23 1865 by order of Major Mallet. Joseph's age at the time of his enlistment was 48 years, 5 months, 6 days. He was described as having been 5 feet 10 inches tall with fair complexion, red hair, and blue eyes. His occupation was listed as mechanic. Joseph Jr died in Surry County, NC on 14September1888 at age 72. His widow Mary died in 1900.

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