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unknown undated
Readers Corner
travel tip a magnifying glass in the glover compartment is great for roadmap reading-Mrs. Emil Sorenson, Baltimore.
Steam Clean: fill a steam iron with white vinegar once in a while and let it sit and steam. cleans out mineral deposits left by tap water. then set iron on cake rack, fill with water, set steam gauge to 'cotton' for 20-25 minutes to flush out remaining deposits.-Mrs Ralph Schlenker, KC MO

handdated Aug. 16 1972 Carrizales Dies; Lived to Age 113
American Indian died of apparent heart attack at this home 412 1/2 E. Fifth St, Des Moines, IA where he lived 82 years.
In October 1945 his wife Mary was 21. they had been married 10 months. she gave birth to a daughter. He was 86.
By his former wives he had four sons and three daughters. Their ages in 1945 ranged from 50-65.
The next year his wife gave birth to another daughter. he attributed his vigor to 'chinning myself 40 times a day and lots of red peppers.'
The Carrizalese had 6 children before seperating in 1959.
he never drank whiskey, coffee, or tea. at 109 he had a gun permit and carried a gun on his long walks around town. he was a figure recognized by many-erect, stern, well groomed.
he was born Jan 14 1859 at Sapulpa in Oklahoma Territory.
he left Oklahoma in 1880 with a wild west show. it played in Des Moines in 1890, & he stayed on.
at 109 he said he had had 3 wives, 13 children, 17 great grandchildren and 11 great great grandchildren.
his mother lived to 118, his great grandfather 145. one of his sons lost both legs in Vietnam in 1966.
he tried to enlist in both WWI & WWII but was rejected because of his age.
he worked at Lake Shore Tire and Rubber Co, later for Wood Brothers Thresher Co, as he approached 100 he worked as a painter, laborer and utility man.
in 1962 he posed for a picture with the mayor of Des Moines, the YMCA general secretary and a youngster as he recieved the first honorary membership issued by the Y. the award cited his ''example of clean living before youth".
services are being arranged at HAmilton's Funeral Home.

handdated July 6 1972
48-degree low is DM record

handdated June 25 1972
warm in DM after cool start
DM had a high of 76 after overnite low of 53.

unknown undated
AFter guilty plea, 15th club faces loss of permit

handdated 1972
Mrs Darlene Rosalie Sims, 24, of New Virginia died while at University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, where she was visiting relatives. autopsy being performed.
lifelong resident of New Virginia, self employed truck driver, member of the New Virginia United Methodist Church. survived by sons John Glenn Willet and Charles Ray Sims, sisters Mrs Clara Ethel Gulles of Omaha, and Mrs Elsie Ruth Brizendine of St Charles, brother Alfred Moss, mother Mrs Frances Moss.
Robert F Sloan
died of heart attack Tuesday at his home, 2421 Maryland Pike, age 67. lifetime Des Moines resident, retired president of the former Sloan-Pierce Lumber Co. member New Christian Church, graduate Drake University Law School, WWII Vet.
surviving a daughter MRs Sally Jordan, Denver CO, his father WO Sloan of Des Moines, brother Dale Sloan of Dallas Center, and a granddaughter
Perry W Moss
age 89, of New Haven Rest Home. died of Pneumonia at Mercy Hospital.
born in Missouri. lived in New Virginia until he moved to Des Moines 16 years ago. retired packing company laborer.
survived by daughter Mrs Elsie Borst of Linden, brother Ralph of Perry, nine grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren, 2 great great grandchildren.
handwritten MArch 4 1972 buried March 8

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