Friday, September 24, 2010

asst. clippings from the late Amanda Shafer collection

these are things that for one reason or another captured my great grandma's interest enough that she clipped them and saved them....

hand dated July 25 1972, a Tribune photo of Mike Boettger, 15, assistant gardener for the Bankers Life Building at Eighth and High Streets. he has his shirt off & hand weeds spurge, which resist chemical weed killers under a canopy downtown.

not date, tag line Laguna Hills CA---Old Male Lion Is Big Surprise
he came to Lion Country about a year and a half ago after the Mexican circus that owned him went out of business, leaving him jobless, sick, and half starved. His age is estimated at 19-20 years. he gained about 100 lbs. he limped around on weakened legs. most of his teeth are gone. his tongue muscles all but useless, letting his tongue loll out of his mouth. his fur had lost luster & his ears were battered. the 11 female lions rejected all the younger males, but after he had been there overnite the lionesses were napping around him and licking their paws. one of them took their meat to Frasier. none of them ate till he was finished. the females began turning up pregnant, having 2-5 cubs each. 36 cubs in less than 18 months.

undated Hints From Heloise
tells way to get rid of soil lime

unknown undated clipping
Money Stolen As She Sleeps
Police Wednesday were investigating a report that a 75-year-old woman's purse and money bag was stolen from beside her while she was sleeping early Tuesday.
Mrs. Lena Shineflew of 1707 E. Madison Ave, who with her husband Frank operates Frank's Lounge, 3940 McDonald Ave, said the money bag contained about $200 in Monday night tavern receipts. The police report did not say how much money was in the purse.

unknown undated clipping
Gernaiums Can Flower The Year Around

unknown undated clipping of Decorated Military
there is a mark beside SSgt. Nathan B. Woolsey, B Brty., 7/11th Arty. Purple Heart

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